Elite Team Development

Our Elite TeamTM assessment and programme shape your employees into high-performing teams.

In a disruptive world, only the most adaptable will thrive. A critical part of repositioning for adaptability is a shift away from the top-down business structure.

Businesses at the forefront of their industries are embracing models where work is accomplished in teams.

The global trend toward team-based businesses is rising for a reason: it’s a capable model for operating in today’s dynamic, unpredictable business environment.

In the long term, all leading brands will work primarily based on a team model.

Top companies are built around systems that boost interconnected teams, also called a network of teams.  In this matrix, employees are part of more than one unit at a time or move from team to team as projects conclude.

Despite the central role of teamwork in the contemporary organisation, a curiously low number of leaders emphasises the significance of high-performing teams – or Elite Teams – as a decisive capability required for business success.

An Elite Team is an interdependent group of stable, role-defined individuals who share mutual trust, values, responsibility and a clear focus on a common goal. They enjoy a high degree of empowerment, secure communication, and rapid information flow. The Elite Team is a powerhouse that outperforms in anticipated productivity.

Three fundamental dimensions of an Elite Team is energy alignment, high-quality interaction and a strong sense of continuous renewal.

Our departure point for the cultivation of high-performing teams is our proprietary, research-based Elite TeamTM Profile, that comprises three pillars: Shapers, Drivers and Accelerators. Each pillar consists of 5 characteristics that pave the way towards an Elite Team approach.

By implementing our Elite TeamTM model, your employees will:

  • Be working from a custom-built team report. The report compares the current team dynamic with the ideal Elite TeamTM standards.
  • Benefit from various workshops designed to facilitate group alignment towards a clearly articulated end-goal.
  • Work from a detailed roadmap to elevate team – and individual – performance.