Bespoke Masterclasses

Tailored masterclasses presented as practical workshops to elevate employee engagement and align your team’s output with business objectives.

Employee engagement directly links to successful business outcomes.

Employee engagement refers to an employee’s job satisfaction, loyalty, and inclination to expend discretionary effort toward organisational goals.

A company needs a team that is both engaged and committed to prosper in the modern world of work.  Unfortunately, a startlingly few participants in the contemporary workforce are either of these.

Gallup’s 2014 research shows that only 13% of all employees are ‘highly engaged’. Additionally, 26% are ‘actively disengaged’.

Engagement predicts individual performance and operates at the most fundamental levels of the organisation, where the most meaningful impact can be made.

Employee engagement is linked to various aspect of organisation processes, including corporate culture, talent management, learning opportunities and work/life balance.

As such, addressing problems linked to employee engagement is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Companies consist of a diverse group of people; each combination coagulates into a unique synergy. Every organisation will require a unique set of skills and traits for effective leadership.

Practical solutions to optimum employee engagement require much more than transferring information to leaders. It means designing development experiences that change the way the entire operation thinks and functions.

The Human Interest team consists of renowned strategic leadership specialists and organisational performance experts.

We bring deep project and development experience from working with leading companies across multiple industries. This experience allows us to offer flexibility towards designing high-quality solutions that is problem-centred and custom-built.

Our design methodology incorporates the accurate balance of content, context and experiences for any solution, whether it’s a program on managerial fundamentals or an in-market immersion for senior executives.

Our team will work in accord with you to develop a bespoke masterclass. You can expect that we will be:

  • Designing custom workshops aimed at all levels of the organisations.
  • Commissioning highly skilled facilitators with global experience.
  • Presenting practical, engaging and interactive workshops to stimulate accelerated learning.
  • Designing experiences with a human-centric, creative and flexible approach.
  • Calibrating workshop outcomes to align with strategic business objectives.