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We have supported many companies across different industries


We help organisations with tailored solutions

Elite Team Development

Our Elite Team™ assessment and programme shape your employees into high-performing teams.

Leadership Development

Our Elite Leader™ Profile facilitates fast-tracked growth for the contemporary business leader.

Organisation Design

Co-create fit-for-purpose organisation structures to reach strategic goals.

Talent Management

Harness the power of the Employee Experience to recruit, develop and retain top talent.

Custom Learning Programmes

Construct and implement made-to-measure learning programmes to empower each individual in your workforce.

Change Management

Accelerate enduring agility to secure the survival of the organisation, with your workforce as driving agents.

Succession Planning

Develop future leaders and build a pipeline to feed critical, or lynchpin, positions.

Organisational Diagnosis

Assess the overall health of the business to address gaps in culture, climate and engagement levels

Culture Transformation

Foster the desired corporate culture at multiple levels.


Tailored, one-on-one coaching programmes which empower individuals to reach their full potential, both professionally and personally.

HR Transformation

Recalibrate the HR function from a service provider to a strategic business partner.

Bespoke Masterclasses

Tailored masterclasses presented as practical workshops to elevate employee engagement and align your team’s output with business objectives.


Move the Performance Dial through the Power of People

About Human Interest

A specialist business consulting firm of Organisation Development Specialists. We transcend human potential into successful organisational practice.

Our Experience

Our team has designed and successfully delivered solutions across the globe for various companies across different industries.

Strategic Partners

Adept Advisory

Adept Advisory delivers flexible and personalised business-defining solutions through a highly experienced and globally aligned team. They have built a reputation for providing the EMEA market with specialised expertise, tailored to provide their clients with sustainable value and an ongoing competitive advantage. Adept Advisory is a global leader in professional resourcing and project-based workforce solutions.