Organisational Diagnosis

Assess the overall health of the business to address gaps in culture, climate and engagement levels.

The employee-work contract has changed. The authority of the individual is rising, with millennials at the forefront. This new workforce expects much more from corporations than their predecessors and believes that businesses should fill a widening leadership vacuum in society.

Outdated business models alienate the organisation’s workforce, leaving them feeling disconnected from the business.

The less your workforce feels connected to and valued by the company, the lower their engagement levels.

However, Millennials and Gen Z show deeper loyalty to employers who boldly tackle the issues that resonate with them most, such as work-life balance and life-long learning.

As consumers, they favour brands that are environmentally friendly and purposefully ethical.

The rise of the social enterprise displays the growing importance of social capital in shaping an organisation’s purpose. The expectations associated with social enterprise guide its relationships with stakeholders, influencing the company’s ultimate success or failure.

A social enterprise is an organisation whose mission combines revenue growth and profit-making with the need to respect and support its environment and stakeholder network.

Now more than ever is the time to question conventional organisational structures, empower teams and focus on building a culture of shared information, shared vision, and shared direction.

To this end, an organisational diagnosis is a vital tool to measure congruency between internal stakeholders’ needs and the business’s vision of success.

An organisational diagnosis is a structured approach that evaluates an organisation’s status quo regarding multiple aspects, including culture, climate and employee engagement.

An ideal organisational diagnosis is an objective review, measuring gaps between current and desired states. By measuring these hiatuses, a business can control various precursors to success, including public perception, talent retention and corporate image.

By partnering with Human Interest, you can expect:

  • An assessment comprising a blended approach of surveys, interviews and focus groups.
  • A comprehensive solution for employee engagement.
  • Reviewal of the organisational structure to ensure the right people are in the right roles.
  • A practical plan to streamline departments as a network of teams and away from silos.
  • A resilient, motivated and appreciated workforce powered by a positive corporate culture.